Um, Max? What are you doing? - Emmy says to Max

Emmy is voiced by Andrea Libbman and is Max's sister and Cassie's friend.


Emmy in Dragon Tales.

Emmy's first appearance was at To Fly With Dragons.

She always says definitely in agreement.

I'm swimming! - Max says to Emmy.

Cb max

Max in Dragon Tales.

Max is voiced by Danny McKinnon but dubbed voices in the Spanish version with Aida Ortega (who also voiced Enrique).

Max also first appeared in To Fly With Dragons.

In the first episode when Max was alone to get to Dragonland, Emmy was going to summer camp with her friends.

Cb enrique

Enrique on Dragon Tales first apperance from To Fly With A New Friend.

Enrique was voiced by Aida Ortega and the Spanish dubbed version of Max (He was rumored instead).

Instead of having the first apperance on To Fly With Dragons, he first appeared on To Fly With A New Friend.

He speaks Chinese, much like Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.